Cultus Diaboli CD release!

Bloodlust are pleased to announce that our new album, Cultus Diaboli, will soon be released on CD by Mexican label Iron Blood and Death Corporation. All preparations have been completed and the CD has been sent for pressing today.

Below is a link to IBDC's previous releases:

Cultus Diaboli tapes available from Caligary Records

Copies of Bloodlust's Cultus Diaboli cassette are now available from Caligary Records in the USA. Tapes cost $6.50 each. Check out the Caligary Records website for details of postage costs.

Link to Cultus Diaboli tape in Caligary Records webstore below:

Death Magic Rites cassette SOLD OUT

Bloodlust's copies of our second demo, Death Magic Rites have now now sold out. There are a very limited number available from Aurora Australis disto.

Death Magic Rites demo tape and Bloodlust patches available.

Debut album 'Cultus Diaboli' out now!

After many months, possibly years of delays Bloodlust's first full length album had finally seen the light of day. The album features 8 tracks of both new and re-recorded material from past demo releases.

The album is available on pro duplicated cassette, CDR and as a digital download from our bandcamp page or you can purchase the cassette though the store on our website.


Australia: $AU 7.00 + $AU 1.40 postage

International: $AU 7.00 + $AU 7.40 postage

Bloodlust unleash first demo

"Thrashing Black Devil Worship" is the first demo release from Perth's BLOODLUST featuring four raw and gritty tracks of old school black thrash straight from the fiery depths of Hell. Check out three of these hymns to death, darkness and the Devil here!

The demo is available online as a three song, free download or for $5 AUD as a CD-R with intro and a bonus track entitled "Goddess Death". The CD-R comes with full artwork and lyrics.

Contact BLOODLUST for full price including postage.