Album Cover
Cultus Diaboli
Released: Mar 19, 2015
Label: Iron Blood and Death Corporation
Track Listing
1 Apocalyptic War Command
2 Sworn Servant of the Devil
3 Black Blood of Satan
4 Rex Inferni In Terra (The Antichrist Enthroned)
5 Crowned in Black Fire
6 Infernal Bloodlust
7 Spell of the Raven Witch
8 Iron Tyrants

Liner Notes

"Cultus Diaboli" is the first Full-length release from Bloodlust featuring 8 tracks of black/thrash metal influenced by the old masters. The album contain new material along with re-recorded demo material.

Recorded by Bloodlust in during 2013. Mixed and mastered during 2014 by Maelstrom at Maelstrom Studios. All artwork by James Campbell.


Recording lineup:


Orator of Profane Sorcery and Grand Master
of the Ritual War Drums


Invoker of Unholy Satanic Rites and Commander
of Hellstorms and Infernal Blasphemy


Six Stringed Assassin